CE-1 & CE-2 Overview

CE series are next generation intelligent chronographs that provide unique new features with a simple user interface. There is one key for each simple function. We do not have complicated key sequences that are found in some chronographs. Most of the basic factions and statistics are accessible with a single key operation.  

This is the first generation of intelligent chronographs that uses advance features, such as, digital archery mode, digital muzzle blast control, digital sensitivity control, temperature compensated case, temperature recorded with each shot, real time statistics, auto power off. etc.

CE series chronographs use Adaptive Calibration Control to optimizing the unit for your specific environment, before you start shooting. This eliminates any setup guess work that is associated with ordinary chronographs. Also, this is the only chronograph on the market that operates in a true archery mode. That is, it can measure velocities from 2.0 ft/s to 9999.99 ft/s. With CE series chronographs you get two chronographs in one, by simply pressing a few keys to select  Normal or Archery mode.

We use a unique manufacturing process that makes these units the most accurate, low cost chronographs on the market.

CE models highlights 
Feature's descriptoin CE-1 CE-2
Housings are temperature matched using a single large die X X
Digitally compensated temperature expansion, +/-0.001 inch X X
Ambient temperature is recorded, internally, with every shot X X
Sensors are precision mounted with a proprietary process X X
Uses Adaptive Calibration for environment testing X X
Remembers shots, even when turned of X X
Auto power shut-off after 30 minutes of inactivity X X
Battery Power level meter, displayed in % power left X X
Extensive alarm and error messages X X
True archery mode that is digitally selectable X X
Digitally selectable muzzle blast reduction from 00% to 90% X X
Statistics for;  Low, High, Average, Extreme Spread,
Standard deviation,  Percent Standard Deviation and
Total Number of shots
Statistics may be review one by one, separate from Shots   X
Real time statistics permits Stats view as you shoot   X
Individual shots can be deleted or un-deleted   X
Memory string can be cleared or un-cleared   X
Shots may be reviewed one by one, separate from Stats   X
It has data recovery for accidental reset   X
It has a 40-shot memory   X


This chronograph has digitally selectable “true archery” mode, the very first such device on the market. You can switch from normal mode to archery mode, and vice versa, by simply pressing a few keys. On the other hand, competing chronographs must change electronic components to produce a quasi archery mode. Their archery units have severe limitation at low speeds. And if you need archery and regular unit then you must buy two of their units, one of each operation. 

One of our units replaces two of theirs, therefore you no longer have to carry two units round. Also, our chronograph gives you a true archery mode that is able to measures velocities from 2.00 to 9999.99 feet/sec.

CE-1 has 3 simple key functions and CE-2 has 6 simple functions, one for each of the keys.
These functions are listed in the tables bellow,

One Key Functions
Key Operation CE-1 CE-2
<POWER> Turns the unit on or off X X
<UNITS> Flips between metric and USA on the fly X X
<ENTER> Displays the least significant digits X X
<DATA> Reviews shots in memory   X
<STATS> Reviews statistics   X
<MENU> Display model number or menu select   X

There are special functions that require pressing of more then one key simultaneously. To use these, you press and hold down all the keys shown in sequence shown. The list is as follows,

Two Key Functions
Key Operation CE-1 CE-2
<ENTER + POWER> Displays battery power level in % X X
<ENTER + UNITS> Muzzle blast control-1 X X
<MENU + DATA> Delete current shot   X
<MENU + STATS> Clear memory string   X
<ENTER + STATS> Move to next string   X
<MENU + POWER> Turn sensors off   X
<MENU + UNITS> Flip between CE & CF mode   X
<DATA + STATS> Find location of Low or High value   X

Three Key Functions
Key Operation CE-1 CE-2
<ENTER + POWER + UNITS> Archery mode On or Off X X
<ENTER + POWER + STATS> Muzzle blast control-2   X
  <ENTER + POWER + DATA> Load demo shots   X
<MENU + ENTER + DATA> Undo last deleted shot   X
<MENU + ENTER + STATS> Undo clear memory   X
<MENU + ENTER + POWER> Data recovery from trash   X
<UNITS + MENU + DATA> Reboot the unit   X

Other features
  ·      Shots are remembered until cleared or battery dies.
  ·      The power goes off after 30-minutes of inactivity.

CE chronographs are fully automatic; the unit go through Adaptive Calibration whenever it is turned on. When this calibration is over, it provides a flashing display that shows your calibration status. See ”Calibrating the unit”.

For example, if calibration status was +135, which means that the conditions are very good, the display will flash between  and . If there are no flashing dots, Adaptive Calibration was successful.  You must then acknowledge that you have seen calibration results by pressing <ENTER> key, or any other key. To calibrate the unit again you simply turn it Off and then On again. You only calibrate the unit once before you start shooting or if light conditions have changed drastically or the unit has been relocated.

When you change from normal mode to archery mode or vice versa, the unit will flash all dots and the colon to warn you that it has to be calibrated again. It will refuse to measure any shots until it is recalibrated. You calibrate it by turning it off and on again.

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